Project Based Vouchers (PBV)

Longmont Housing Authority currently administers unit-based housing assistance in the following properties:

  • The Briarwood Apartments (0 bedroom)

  • Fall River Apartments (1-2 bedrooms for ages 62+)

  • Aspen Meadows Neighborhood (2-4 bedroom townhomes)

  • Crisman Apartments (0 bedroom)

Applicants will be selected for the waiting list using a computer generated lottery system. LHA will estimate the number of applicants that may be housed within 6 months and that number will be the number of applicants placed on the waiting list.  It is not guaranteed that all applicants will be included in the selection. Once each application has been randomly assigned a number, the applications will be placed on the waiting list in order of the assigned numbers and according to LHA preference(s).

All applicants placed on the waiting list will be removed every 6 months and the waiting list will be reopened for a new lottery.