December 18, 2019

In accordance with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines, the Longmont Housing Authority (LHA) is inviting all interested parties to review and offer public comment on proposed revisions to the agency’s Section 8 Administrative Plan for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

The plan will be available for review from December 18, 2019, to February 3, 2020, at the main offices of the LHA, 1228 Main Street, Longmont, CO, 80504. It may also be accessed on the LHA’s website under Announcements/Public Notice.

Written comments must be addressed to the “Housing Choice Voucher Program Administrative Plan” at the address above and must be received by close of business on January 17, 2020. Comments may also be sent to

A public hearing will be held on Monday, February 3, 2019, at 10:00 a.m., and at 5:00 p.m., at 1228 Main Street, Longmont, CO, 80504.

Persons with disabilities requiring assistance, alternative formats, or those wishing to submit comments in alternative formats can contact the Longmont Housing Authority at (303) 651-8581. Notification at least 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the Housing Authority to make reasonable arrangements.

Longmont Housing Authority

Administrative Plan





PART I:     The PHA

1-I.A     Overview

1-I.B     Organization and Structure of the PHA

1-I.C     PHA Mission

1-I.D     The PHA's Program

1-I.E     The PHA's Commitment to Ethics and Service

PART II:     The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program

1-II.A     Overview and History of the Program

1-II.B     HCV Program Basics

1-II.C     HCV Partnerships

                  The HCV Relationship

                  What Does HUD Do?

                  What Does the PHA Do?

                  What Does the Owner Do?

                  What Does the Family Do?

1-II.D     Applicable Regulations

PART III:     The HCV Administrative Plan

1-III.A     Overview and Purpose of the Plan

1-III.B     Contents of the Plan (24 CFR 982.54)

                  Mandatory vs. Discretionary Policy

1-III.C     Organization of the Plan

1-III.D     Updating and Revising the Plan



PART I:     Nondiscrimination

2-I.A     Overview

2-I.B     Nondiscrimination

                  Providing Information to Families and Owners

                  Discrimination Complaints

PART II:     Policies Related to Persons With Disabilities

2-II.A     Overview

2-II.B     Definition of Reasonable Accommodation

                  Types of Reasonable Accommodations

2-II.C     Request for an Accommodation

2-II.D     Verification of Disability

2-II.E     Approval/Denial of a Requested Accommodation [Joint Statement of the Department of HUD and Justice:

              Reasonable Accommodation Under the Fair Housing Act, Notice PIH 2010-26]

2-II.F      Program Accessibility for Persons with Hearing or Vision Impairments

2-II.G     Physical Accessibility

2-II.H     Denial or Termination of Assistance

PART III:     Improving Access to Services for Persons With Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

3-III.A     Overview

3-III.B     Oral Interpretation

3-III.C     Written Translation

3-III.D     Implementation Plan

Exhibit 2-1:  Definition of a Person With a Disability Under Federal Civil Rights Laws [24 CFR Parts 8.3 and 100.201]



PART I:     Nondiscrimination

3-I.A     Overview

3-I.B     Family and Household [24 CFR 982.210(c); FR Notice 02/03/12; Notice PIH 2014-20]



3-I.C      Family Breakup and Remaining Family Member of Tenant Family

                  Family Breakup [24 CFR 982.315; Notice PIH 2017-08]

                  Remaining Member of a Tenant Family [24 CFR 5.403]

3-I.D     Head of Household [24 CFR 5.504(b)]

3-I.E     Spouse, Co-Head, and Other Adult

3-I.F     Dependent [24 CFR 5.603]

                  Joint Custody of Dependents

3-I.G     Full-Time Student [CFR 5.603, HVC GB, p. 5-29]

3-I.H     Elderly and Near-Elderly Persons, and Elderly Family [24 CFR 5.100 and 5.403, FR Notice 02/03/12]

                  Elderly Persons

                  Near-Elderly Persons

                  Elderly Family

3-I.I     Persons with Disabilities and Disabled Family [24 CFR 5.403, FR Notice 02/03/12]

                  Persons with Disabilities

                  Disabled Family

3-I.J     Guests [24 CFR 5.100]

3-I.K     Foster Children and Foster Adults

3-I.L     Absent Family Members

                  Definitions of Temporarily and Permanently Absent

                  Absent Students

                  Absences Due to Placement in Foster Care [24 CFR 5.403]

                  Absent Head, Spouse, or Co-Head

                  Family Members Permanently Confined for Medical Reasons [HCV GB, p. 5-22]

                  Return of Permanently Absent Family Members

3-I.M     Live-In Aide

PART II:     Basic Eligibility Criteria

3-II.A     Income Eligibility and Targeting

                  Income Limits

                  Definitions of the Income Limits [24 CFR 5.603(b)]

                  Using Income Limits for Eligibility [24 CFR 982.201]

                  Using Income Limits for Targeting [24 CFR 982.201]

3-II.B     Citizenship or Eligible Immigration Status [24 CFR 5, Subpart E]


                  Mixed Families

                  Ineligible Families [24 CFR 5.514(d), (e), and (f)]

                  Timeframe for Determination of Citizenship Status

3-II.C     Social Security Numbers [24 CFR 5.216 and 5.218, Notice PIH 2018-24]

3-II.D     Family Consent to Release of Information [24 CFR 5.230; HCV GB, p. 5-13]

3-II.E     Students Enrolled in Institutions of Higher Education [24 CFR 5.612, FR Notice 4/10/06, FR Notice 9/21/16]


                  Determining Student Eligibility

PART III:     Denial of Assistance

3-III.A     Overview

                  Forms of Denial [24 CFR 982.552(a)(2); HCV GB, p. 5-35]

                  Prohibited Reasons for Denial of Program Assistance [24 CFR 982.202(b), 24 CFR 5.2005(b)]

3-III.B     Mandatory Denial of Assistance [24 CFR 682.553(a)]

3-III.C     Other Permitted Reasons for Denial of Assistance

                  Criminal Activity [24 CFR 982.553]

                  Previous Behavior in Assisted Housing [24 CFR 982.553]

3-III.D     Screening

                  Screening for Eligibility

                  Screening for Suitability as a Tenant [24 CFR 982.307]

3-III.E     Criteria for Deciding to Deny

                  Evidence [24 CFR 982.553(c)]

                  Consideration of Circumstances [24 CFR 982.552(c)(2)]

                  Removal of a Family's Name from the Application

                  Reasonable Accommodation [24 CFR 982.552(c)(2)(iv)]

3-III.F      Notice of Eligibility or Denial

3-III.G     Prohibition Against Denial of Assistance to Victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and




Exhibit 3-1:  Detailed Definitions Related to Disabilities

                          Persons with Disabilities [24 CFR 5.403]

                          Individual with Handicaps [24 CFR 8.3]

Exhibit 3-2:  Definition of Institution of Higher Education [20 U.S.C. 1001 and 1002]

                          Eligibility of Students for Assisted Housing Under Section 9 of the U.S. Housing Act of 1937; Supplementary

                          Guidance; Notice [Federal Register, April 10, 2006]



PART I:     The Application Process

4-I.A     Overview

4-I.B     Applying for Assistance [HCV GB, pp. 4-11 - 4-16, Notice PIH 2009-36]

4-I.C     Accessibility of the Application Process

                  Elderly and Disabled Populations [24 CFR 8 and HCV GB, pp. 4-11 - 4-13]

                  Limited English Proficiency

4-I.D     Placement on the Waiting List

                  Ineligibility for Placement on the Waiting List

                  Eligible for Placement on the Waiting List

PART II:     Managing the Waiting List

4-II.A     Overview

4-II.B     Organization of the Waiting List

4-II.C     Opening and Closing the Waiting List

                  Closing the Waiting List

                  Reopening the Waiting List

4-II.D     Family Outreach [HCV GB, pp. 4-12 to 4-4]

4-II.E     Reporting Changes in Family Circumstances

4-II.F     Updating the Waiting List [24 CFR 982.204]

                  Purging the Waiting List

                  Removal From the Waiting List

PART III:    Selection for HCV Assistance

4-III.A     Overview

4-III.B     Selection and HCV Funding Sources

                  Special Admissions [24 CFR 982.203]

                  Targeted Funding [24 CFR 982.204(e)]

                  Regular HCV Funding

4-III.C     Selection Method

                  Local Preferences [24 CFR 982.207; HCV 9. 4-46]

                  Income Targeting Requirement [24 CFR 982.201(b)(2)]

                  Order Selection

4-III.D     Notification of Selection

4-III.E     The Application Interview

4-III.F     Completing the Application Process



PART I:     Briefings and Family Obligations

5-I.A     Overview

5-I.B     Briefing ]24 CFR 982.301]

                  Notification and Attendance

                  Oral Briefing [24 CFR 982.301(a)]

                  Briefing Packet [24 CFR 982.301(b)]

                  Additional Items to be Included in the Briefing Packet

5-I.C     Accessibility of the Application Process

                 Time Frames for Reporting Changes Required by Family Obligations

                 Family Obligations [24 CFR 982.551]

                  Eligible for Placement on the Waiting List

PART II:     Subsidy Standards and Voucher Issuance

5-II.A     Overview

5-II.B     Determining Family Unit (Voucher) Size [24 CFR 982.402]

5-II.C     Exceptions to Subsidy Standards

5-II.D     Voucher Issuance [24 CFR 982.302]

5-II.E     Voucher Term and Extensions

                  Voucher Term [24 CFR 982.303]

                  Extension of Voucher Term [24 CFR 982.303(b)]

                  Suspension of Voucher Term [24 CFR 982.303(c)]

                  Expiration of Voucher Term



PART I:     Briefings and Family Obligations

6-I.A     Overview

6-I.B     Household Composition and Income

                  Summary of Income Included and Excluded by Persons

                  Temporarily Absent Family Members

                  Family Members Permanently Confined for Medical Reasons

                  Joint Custody of Dependents

                  Caretakers for a Child

6-I.C     Anticipating Annual Income

                  Basis of Annual Income Projection

                  Projecting Income

6-I.D     Earned Income

                 Types of Earned Income Included in Annual Income

                 Types of Earned Income Not Counted in Annual Income

6-I.E     Earned Income Disallowance for Persons with Disabilities [24 CFR 6.617; Streamlining Final Rule (SFR) Federal

            Register 3/8/16]


                 Calculation of the Disallowance

                 Original Calculation Method

                 Revised Calculation Method

6-I.F     Business Income [24 CFR 5.609(b)(2)]

                  Business Expenses

                  Business Expansion

                  Capital Indebtedness

                  Negative Business Income

                  Withdrawal of Cash or Assets from a Business

                  Co-owned Businesses

6-I.G     Assets [24 CFR 5.609(b)(3); 24 CFR 5.603(b)]


                  General Policies

                  Types of Assets

6-I.H     Periodic Payments

                  Periodic Payments Included in Annual Income

                  Lump-Sum Payments for the Delayed Start of a Periodic Payment

                  Treatment of Overpayment Deductions from Social Security Benefits

                  Periodic Payments Excluded in Annual Income

6-I.I     Payments in Lieu of Earnings

6-I.J     Welfare Assistance


                  Sanctions Resulting in the Reduction of Welfare Benefits [24 CFR 5.615]

6-I.K     Periodic and Determinable ALlowances [24 CFR 5.609(b)(7)]

                  Alimony and Child Support

                  Regular Contribution or Gifts

6-I.L     Student Financial Assistance [24 CFR 5.609(b)(9); Notice PIH 2015-21]

                  Student Financial Assistance Included in Annual Income [24 CFR 5.609(b)(9); FR 4/10/06; Notice PIH 2015-21]

                  Student Financial Assistance Excluded in Annual Income [24 CFR 5.609(c)(6)]

6-I.M    Additional Exclusions from Annual Income

PART II:    Adjusted Income

6-II.A    Introduction


                  Anticipating Expenses

6-II.B     Dependent Deduction

6-II.C     Elderly and Disabled Family Deduction

6-II.D     Medical Expenses Deduction [24 CFR 5.611(a)(3)(i)]

                 Definition of Medical Expenses

                 Summary of Allowable Medical Expenses from IRS Publication 502

                 Families That Qualify for Both Medical and Disability Assistance Expenses

6-II.E     Disability Assistance Expenses Deduction [24 CFR 5.603(b) and 24 CFR 5.611(a)(3)(ii)]

                 Earned Income Limit on the Disability Assistance Expense Deduction

                 Eligible Disability Expenses

                 Necessary and Reasonable Expenses

                 Families That Qualify for Both Medical and Disability Assistance Expenses

6-II.F     Childcare Expense Deduction

                  Clarifying the Meaning of Child for This Deduction

                  Qualifying for the Deduction

                  Earned Income Limit on Childcare Expense Deduction

                  Eligible Childcare Expenses

PART III:     Calculating Family Share and PHA Subsidy

6-III.A    Overview of Rent and Subsidy Calculations

                  TIP Formula [24 CFR 5.628]

                  Family Share [24 CFR 982.305(a)(5)]

                  PHA Subsidy [24 CFR 982.505(b)]

                  Utility Reimbursement [24 CFR 982.514(b); 982.514(c)]

6-III.B     Financial Hardships Affecting Minimum Rent [24 CFR 5.630]


                  HUD-Defined Financial Hardship

                  Implementation of Hardship Exemption

6-III.C     Applying Payment Standards [24 CFR 982.505; 982.503(b)]


                 Changes in Payment Standards

                 Reasonable Accommodation

6-III.D     Applying Utility Allowances [24 CFR 982.517]


                 Reasonable Accommodation

                 Utility Allowance Revision

6-III.E     Prorated Assistance for Mixed Families [24 CFR 5.520]

Exhibit 6-1:  Annual Income Inclusions

                            HHS Definition of "Assistance"

Exhibit 6-2:  Annual Income Exclusions

Exhibit 6-3:  Treatment of Family Assets

Exhibit 6-4:  Earned Income Disallowance for Persons with Disabilities

Exhibit 6-5:  The Effect of Welfare Benefit Reduction



[24 CFR 982.516, 24 CFR 982.551, 24 CFR 5.230, Notice PIH 2018-18]

PART I:     General Verification Requirements

7-I.A     Family Consent to Release of Information [24 CFR 982.516 and 982.551, 24 CFR 5.230]

                  Consent to Release of Information [24 CFR 982.516 and 982.551, 24 CFR 5.230]

                  Penalties for Failing to Consent [24 CFR 5.232]

7-I.B     Overview of Verification Requirements

                  HUD's Verification Hierarchy [Notice PIH 2018-18]

                  Requirements for Acceptable Documents

                  File Documentation

7-I.C     Up-Front Income Verification (UIV)

                  Up-front Income Verification Using HUD's Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System (Mandatory)

                  Up-front Income Verification Using Non-HUD Systems (Optional)

7-I.D     Third-Party Written and Oral Verification

                 Written Third-Party Verification [Notice PIH 2018-18]

                 Written Third-Party Verification Form

                 Oral Third-Party Verification [Notice PIH 2018-18]

                 When Third-Party Verification is Not Required [Notice PIH 2018-18]

7-I.E     Self-Certification

PART II:     Verifying Family Information

7-II.A     Verification of Legal Identity

7-II.B     Social Security Numbers [24 CFR 5.216, Notice PIH 2018-24]

7-II.C     Documentation of Age

7-II.D     Family Relationships


                 Separation or Divorce

                 Absence of Adult Member

                 Foster Children and Foster Adults

7-II.E     Verification of Student Status

                 General Requirements

                 Restrictions of Assistance to Students Enrolled in Institutions of Higher Education

7-II.F     Documentation of Disability

                  Family Members Receiving SSA Disability Benefits

                  Family Members Not Receiving SSA Disability Benefits

7-II.G     Citizenship or Eligible Immigration Status (24 CFR 5.508]


                  U.S. Citizens and Nationals

                  Eligible Immigrants

7-II.H     Verification of Preference Status

PART III:     Verifying Income and Assets

7-III.A    Earned Income


7-III.B     Business and Self-Employment Income

7-III.C     Periodic Payments and Payments in Lieu of Earnings

                 Social Security/SSI Benefits

7-III.D     Alimony or Child Support

7-III.E     Assets and Income From Assets

                  Assets Disposed of for Less than Fair Market Value

7-III.F      Net Income From Rental Property

7-III.G     Retirement Accounts

7-III.H     Income From Excluded Sources

7-III.I       Zero Annual Income Status

7-III.J      Student Financial Assistance

7-III.K     Parental Income of Students Subject to Eligibility Restrictions

PART IV:     Verifying Mandatory Deductions

7-III.A    Dependent and Elderly/Disabled Household Deductions

                  Dependent Deduction

                  Elderly/Disabled Family Deductions

7-III.B     Medical Expense Deduction

                 Amount of Expense

                 Eligible Household

                 Qualified Expenses

                 Unreimbursed Expenses

                 Expenses Incurred in Past Years

7-III.C     Disability Assistance Expenses

                 Amount of Expense

                 Family Member is a Person with Disabilities

                 Family Member(s) Permitted to Work

                 Unreimbursed Expenses

7-III.D     Childcare Expenses

                 Eligible Child

                 Unreimbursed Expenses

                 Pursuing an Eligible Activity

                 Allowable Type of Childcare

                 Reasonableness of Expenses

Exhibit 7-1:  Summary of Documentation Requirements for Noncitizens 9HCV GB, pp. 5-9 and 5-10]



[24 CFR 982 Subpart I and 24 CFR 982.507]

PART I:     Physical Standards

8-I.A     General HUD Requirements

                  HUD Performance and Acceptability Standards

                  Tenant Preference Items

                  Modifications to Provide Accessibility

8-I.B     Additional Local Requirements

                  Thermal Environment [HCV GB p. 10-7]

                  Clarification of HUD requirements

8-I.C     Life-Threatening Conditions [24 CFR 982.404(a); FR Notice 1/18/17]

8-I.D     Owner and Family Responsibilities [24 CFR 982.404]

                 Family Responsibilities

                 Owner Responsibilities

8-I.E     Special Requirements for Children with Elevated Blood Lead Level [24 CFR 35.1225; FR Notice 1/13/17]8-I.F     Violation of HQS Space Standards [24 CFR 982.401, 24 CFR 982.403]

PART II:     The Inspection Process

8-II.A     Overview [24 CFR 982.405]

                  Types of Inspections

                  Inspection of PHA-Owned Units [24 CFR 982.352(b)]

                  Inspection Costs [Notice PIH 2016-05]

                  Notice and Scheduling

                  Owner and Family Inspection Attendance

8-II.B     Initial HQS Inspection [24 CFR 982.401(a)]

                  Initial Inspections [FR Notice 1/18/17]

                  Timing of Initial Inspections

                  Inspection Results and Reinspections


                  Appliances [Form HUD-52580]

8-II.C     Annual/Biennial HQS Inspections [24 CFR 982.405 and 982.406; Notice PIH 2016-05]

                  Scheduling the Inspection

8-II.D     Special Inspections [24 CFR 982.405(g)]

8-II.E     Quality Control Inspections [24 CFR 982.405(b); HCV GB p. 10-32]

8-II.F     Inspection Results and Re-Inspections for Units Under HAP 

                  Notification of Corrective Actions



8-II.G     Enforcing Owner Compliance

                  HAP Abatement

                  HAP Contract Termination

8-II.H     Enforcing Family Compliance with HQS [24 CFR 982.404(b)]

PART III:     Rent Reasonableness [24 CFR 982.507]

8-III.A     Overview

                  PHA-Owned Units [24 CFR 9872.352(b)]

8-III.B     When Rent Reasonableness Determinations Are Required

                  Owner-Initiated Rent Determinations

                  PHA- and HUD-Initiated Rent Reasonableness Determinations

                  LIHTC- and HOME-Assisted Units [24 CFR 982.507(c)]

8-III.C     How Comparability Is Established

                  Factors to Consider

                  Units that Must Not be Used as Comparables

                  Rents Charged for Other Units on the Premises

8-III.D     PHA Rent Reasonableness Methodology

                  How Market Data is Collected

                  How Rents are Determined

Exhibit 8-1:  Overview of HUD Housing Quality Standards 

Exhibit 8-2:  Summary  of Tenant Preference Areas Related to Housing Quality



9-I.A     Tenant Screening

9-I.B     Requesting Tenancy Approval [Form HUD-52517]

9-I.C     Owner Participation

9-I.D     Eligible Units

                 Ineligible Units [24 CFR 982.352(a)]

                 PHA-Owned Units [24 CFR 982.352(b)]

                 Special Housing Types [24 CFR 982 Subpart M]

                 Duplicative Assistance [24 CFR 982.352(c)]

                 Housing Quality Standards (HQS) [24 CFR 982.305 and 24 CFR 982.401]

                 Unit Size

                 Rent Reasonableness

                 Rent Burden [24 CFR 982.508]

9-I.E     Lease and Tenancy Addendum

                 Lease Form and Tenancy Addendum [24 CFR 982.308]

                 Lease Information [24 CFR 982.308(d)]

                 Term of Assisted Tenancy

                 Security Deposit [24 CFR 982.313(a) and (b)]

                 Separate Non-Lease Agreements Between Owner and Tenant

                 PHA Review of Lease

9-I.F     Tenancy Approval [24 CFR 982.305]

9-I.G     HAP Contract Execution [24 CFR 982.305]

9-I.H     Changes in Lease or Rent [24 CFR 982.308]




PART I:     Moving with Continued Assistance

10-I.A     Allowable Moves

10-I.B     Restrictions on Moves

                  Denial of Moves

                  Restrictions on Elective Moves [24 CFR 982.354(c)]

10-I.C     Moving Process



                  Reexamination of Family Income and Composition

                  Voucher Issuance and Briefing

                  Housing Assistance Payments [24 CFR 982.311(d)]

                  HAP Families who Wish to Move [24 CFR 982.455]

PART II:     Portability

10-II.A     Overview

10-II.B     Initial PHA Role

                  Allowable Moves Under Portability

                  Determining Income Eligibility

                  Reexamination of Family Income and Composition


                  Voucher Issuance and Term

                  Voucher Extensions and Expiration

                  Pre-approval Contract with the Receiving PHA

                  Initial Notification to the Receiving PHA

                  Sending Documentation to the Receiving PHA

                  Initial Billing Deadline [Notice PIH 2016-09]

                  Monthly Billing Payments [Notice PIH 2016-09]

                  Annual Updates of Form HUD-50058

                  Denial or Termination of Assistance [24 CFR 982.355(c)(17)]

10-II.C     Receiving PHA Role

                  Responding to Initial PHA's Request [24 CFR 982.355(c)]

                  Initial Contact with Family


                  Income Eligibility and Reexamination

                  Voucher Issuance

                  Notifying the Initial PHA

                  Administering a Portable Family's Voucher

                  Absorbing a Portable Family




PART I:     Annual Reexaminations [24 CFR 982.516]

11-I.A     Overview

11-I.B     Streamlined Annual Reexaminations [24 CFR 982.516(b)]

11-I.C     Scheduling and Reexaminations 

                  Notification of and Participation in the Annual Reexamination Process

11-I.D     Conducting Annual Reexaminations

11-I.E     Determining Ongoing Eligibility of Certain Students [24 CFR 982.522(b)(5)]

11-I.F     Effective Dates


PART II:     Interim Re-examinations [24 CFR 982.516]

11-II.A     Overview

11-II.B     Changes in Family and Household Composition

                  New Family Members Not Requiring PHA Approval

                  New Family and Household Members Requiring Approval

                  Departure of a Family or Household Member

11-II.C     Changes Affecting Income or Expenses

                  PHA-Initiated Interim Reexaminations

                  Family-Initiated Interim Reexaminations

11-II.D     Processing the Interim Reexamination

                 Method of Reporting

                 Effective Dates

PART III:     Recalculating Family Share and Subsidy Amount

11-III.A     Overview

11-III.B     Changes in Payment Standards and Utility Allowances

                  Payment Standards [24 CFR 982.516]

                  Subsidy Standards [24 CFR 982.505(c)(4)]

                  Utility Allowances [24 CFR 982.517(d)]

11.III.C     Notification of New Family Share and HAP Amount

11-III.D     Discrepancies



PART I:     Grounds for Termination of Assistance

12-I.A     Overview

12-I.B     Family No Longer Requires Assistance [24 CFR 982.455]

12-I.C     Family Chooses to Terminate Assistance

12-I.D     Mandatory Termination of Assistance

                  Eviction [24 CFR 982.552(b)(2); 24 CFR 5.2005(c)(1)]

                  Failure to Provide Consent [24 CFR 982.552(b)(3)]

                  Failure to Document Citizenship [24 CFR 982.552(b)(4) and 24 CFR 5.514(c)]

                  Methamphetamine Manufacture or Production [24 CFR 983.553(b)(1)(ii)]

                  Failure of Students to Meet Ongoing Eligibility Requirements [24 CFR 982.552(b)(5) and FR 4/10/06]

                  Death of the Sole Family Member [24 CFR 982.311(d) and Notice PIH 2010-3]

12-I.E     Mandatory Policies and Other Authorized Terminations

                  Mandatory Policies [24 CFR 982.553(b) and 982.551(l)]

                  Other Authorized Reasons for Termination of Assistance [24 CFR 982.552(c), and 24 CFR 5.2005(c)]

PART II:     Approach to Termination of Assistance

12-II.A     Overview

12-II.B     Method of Termination [24 CFR 982.552(a)(3)]

12-II.C     Alternatives to Termination of Assistance

                  Change in Household Composition

                  Repayment of Family Debts

12-II.D     Criteria for Deciding to Terminate Assistance


                  Consideration of Circumstances [24 CFR 982.552(c)(2)(i)]

                  Reasonable Accommodation [24 CFR 982.552(c)(2)(iv)]

12-II.E     Terminations Related to Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking

                  VAWA Protections against Terminations

                  Limitations on VAWA Protections [24 CFR 5.2005(d) and (e)]

                  Documentations of Abuse [24 CFR 5.2007]

                  Terminating the Assistance of a Domestic Violence Perpetrator

12-II.F     Termination Notice

PART III:     Termination of Tenancy by the Owner

12-III.A     Overview

12-III.B     Grounds for Owner Termination of Tenancy [24 CFR 982.310, 24 CFR 5.2005(c), and Form HUD-52641-A, Tenancy


                   Serious or Repeated Lease Violations

                   Violation of Federal, State, or Local Law

                   Criminal Activity or Alcohol Abuse

                   Other Good Cause

12-III.C     Eviction [24 CFR 982.301(e) and (f) and Form HUD-52641-A, Tenancy Addendum)]

12-III.D     Deciding Whether to Terminate Tenancy [24 CFR 982.301(h)(4)]

12-III.E     Effect of Tenancy Termination on the Family's Assistance

Exhibit 12-1:  Statement of Family Obligations



PART I:     Owners in the HCV Program

13-I.A     Owner Recruitment and Retention [HCV GB, pp. 2-4 to 2-6]



13-I.B     Basic HCV Program Requirements

13-I.C     Owner Responsibilities [24 CFR 982.452]

13-I.D     Owner Qualifications

                 Owners Barred from Participation [24 CFR 982.306(a) and (b)]

                 Leasing to Relatives [24 CFR 982.306(d), HCV GB p. 11-2]

                 Conflict of Interest [24 CFR 982.161; HCV GB p. 8-19]

                 Owner Actions That May Result in Disapproval of a Tenancy Request [24 CFR 982.452]

                 Tenancy Request [24 CFR 982.306(c)]

                 Legal Ownership of Unit

13-I.E     Nondiscrimination [HAP Contract - Form HUD-52641]

PART II:     HAP Contracts

13-II.A     Overview

13-II.B     HAP Contract Contents

13-II.C     HAP Contract Payments


                  Owner Certification of Compliance

                  Late HAP Payments [24 CFR 982.451(a)(5)]

                  Termination of HAP Payments [24 CFR 982.311(b)]

13-II.D     Breach of HAP Contract [24 CFR 982453]

13-II.E     HAP Contract Term and Termination

13-II.F     Change in Ownership / Assignment of the HAP Contract [HUD Form-52641]



PART I:     Preventing, Detecting, and Investigating Errors and Program Abuse

14-I.A     Preventing Errors and Program Abuse

14-I.B     Detecting Errors and Program Abuse

                  Quality Control and Analysis of Data

                  Independent Audits and HUD Monitoring

                  Individual Reporting of Possible Errors and Program Abuse

14-I.C     Investigating Errors and Program Abuse

                  When the PHA Will Investigate

                  Consent to Release Information [24 CFR 982.516]

                  Analysis and Findings

                  Consideration of Remedies

                  Notice and Appeals

PART II:     Corrective Measures and Penalties

14-II.A     Subsidy Under- or Over-Payments



14-II.B     Family-Caused Errors and Program Abuse

                  Family Reimbursement to PHA [HCV GB pp. 22-12 to 22-13]

                  PHA Reimbursement to Family [HCV GB pp. 22-12]

                  Prohibited Actions

                  Penalties for Program Abuse

14-II.C     Owner-Caused Error or Program Abuse

                  Owner Reimbursement to the PHA

                  Prohibited Owner Actions

                  Remedies and Penalties

14-II.D     PHA-Caused Errors or Program Abuse

                  Repayment to the PHA

                  PHA Reimbursement to Family or Owner

                  Prohibited Activities

14-II.E     Criminal Prosecution

14-II.F     Fraud and Program Abuse Recoveries



PART I:     Single-Room Occupancy [24 CFR 982.602 through 982.605]

15-I.A     Overview

15-I.B     Payment Standard, Utility Allowance, and HAP Calculation

15-I.C     Housing Quality Standards (HQS)

PART II:     Congregate Housing [24 CFR 982.606 through 982.609]

15-II.A     Overview

15-II.B     Payment Standard, Utility Allowance, and HAP Calculation

15-II.C     Housing Quality Standards

PART III:     Group Home [24 CFR 982.610 through 982.614 and HCV GB p. 7-4]

15-III.A     Overview

15-III.B     Payment Standard, Utility Allowance, and HAP Calculation

15-III.C     Housing Quality Standards

PART IV:     Shared Housing [24 CFR 982.615 through 982.618]

15-IV.A     Overview

15-IV.B     Payment Standard, Utility Allowance, and HAP Calculation

15-IV.C     Housing Quality Standards

PART V:     Cooperative Housing [24 CFR 982.619]

15-V.A     Overview

15-V.B     Payment Standard, Utility Allowance, and HAP Calculation

15-V.C     Housing Quality Standards

PART VI:     Manufactured Homes [24 CFR 982.620 through 982.624; FR Notice 1/18/17]

15-VI.A     Overview

15-VI.B     Special Policies for Manufactured Home Owners Who Lease a Space

                   Family Income

                   Lease and HAP Contract

15-VI.C     Payment Standard, Utility Allowance, and HAP Calculation [FR Notice 1/18/17]

                   Payment Standards 

                   Utility Allowance

                   Space Rent

                   Authorization Costs

                   Housing Assistance Payment

                   Rent Reasonableness

15-VI.D     Housing Quality Standards

PART VII:     Homeownership [24 CFR 982.625 through 982.643]

15-VII.A     Overview [24 CFR 982.625 through 982.643]

15-VII.B     Family Eligibility [24 CFR 982.625]

15-VII.C     Selection of Families [24 CFR 982.626]

15-VII.D     Eligible Units [24 CFR 982.628]

15-VII.E     Additional PHA REquirements for Search and Purchase [24 CFR 982.6296]

15-VII.F     Homeownership Counseling [24 CFR 982.630]

15-VII.G     Home Inspections, Contract of Sale, and PHA Disapproval of Seller [24 CFR 982.631]

                    Home Inspections

                    Contract of Sale

                    Disapproval of a Seller

15-VII.H     Financing [24 CFR 982.632]

15-VII.I      Continued Assistance Requirements; Family Obligations [24 CFR 982.632]

15-VII.J     Maximum Term of Homeowner Assistance [24 CFR 982.634]

15-VII.K     Homeownership Assistance Payments and Homeownership Expenses [24 CFR 982.635]

15-VII.L     Portability [24 CFR 982.6636, 982.637, 982.353(b) and (c), 982.552, 982.553]

15-VII.M    Moving with Continued Assistance [24 CFR 982.637]

15-VII.N     Denial or Termination of Assistance [24 CFR 982.638]



PART I:     Administrative Fee Reserve

PART II:     Setting Program Standards and Schedules

16-II.A     Overview

16-II.B     Payment Standards [24 CFR 982.503; HCV GB, Chapter 7] 

                  Updating Payment Standards

                  Exception Payment Standards [24 CFR 982.503(c)]

                  Voluntary Use of Small Area FMRs [24 CFR 982.503, Notice PIH 2018-01]

                  "Success Rate" Payment Standard Amounts [24 CFR 982.503(e)]

                  Decreases in the Payment Standard Below the Basic Range [24 CFR 982.503(d)]

16-II.C     Utility Allowances [24 CFR 982.517]

                   Air Conditioning

                   Reasonable Accommodation

                   Utility Allowance Revisions

PART III:     Informal Reviews and Hearings

16-III.A     Overview

16-III.B      Informal Reviews

                   Decisions Subject to Informal Review

                   Notice to the Applicant [24 CFR 982.554(a)]

                   Scheduling an Informal Review

                   Informal Review Procedures [24 CFR 982.554(b)]                   

16-III.C     Informal Hearings for Participants [24 CFR 982.555]

                   Decisions Subject to Informal Hearing

                   Informal Hearing Procedures

16-III.D     Hearing and Appeal Provisions for Non-citizens [24 CFR 5.514]

                   Notice of Denial or Termination of Assistance [24 CFR 5.514(d)]

                   USCIS Appeal Process [24 CFR 5.514(e)]

                   Informal Hearing Procedures for Applicants [24 CFR 5.514(f)]

                   Informal Hearing Procedures for Residents [24 CFR 5.514(f)]

                   Retention of Documents

PART IV:     Owner or Family Debts to the PHA

16-IV.A     Overview

16-IV.B      Repayment Policy

                   Owner Debts to the PHA

                   Family Debts to the PHA

                   Repayment Agreement [24 CFR 792.103]

                   General Repayment Agreement Guidelines for Families

                   Repayment Agreements Involving Improper Payments


PART V:     Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP)

16-V.A     Overview

16-V.B      SEMAP Certification [24 CFR 985.101]

                   HUD Verification Method

16-V.C     SEMAP Indicators [24 CFR 985.3 and Form HUD-52648]

                  SEMAP Indicators Chart

PART VI:     Record Keeping

16-VI.A     Overview

16-VI.B       Record Retention [24 CFR 982.158]

16-VI.C     Records Management 

                   Privacy Act Requirements  [24 CFR 5.212 and Form 9886]

                   Upfront Income Verification (UIV) Records

                   Criminal Records

                   Medical/Disability Records

                   Documentation of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking

PART VII:     Reporting and Record-Keeping for Children

16-VII.A     Overview

16-VII.B     Reporting Requirement [24 CFR 35.1225(e); Notice PIH 2017-13]

16-VII.C     Data Collection and Record-Keeping 

PART VIII:    Determination of Insufficient Funding

16-VIII.A     Overview

16-VIII.B     Methodology

PART IX:     

16-XI.A     Overview

16-XI.B     Definitions [24 CFR 5.2003]

16-XI.C     Notification [24 CFR 5.2005(a), 42 USC 13925]

                   Notification to Public

                   Notification to Program Applicants and Participants [24 CFR 5.2005(a)(1)]

                   Notification to Owners and Manager

16-XI.D     Documentation [24 CFR 5.2007]

                   Conflicting Documentation [24 CFR 5.2007(e)]

                   Discretion to Require No Formal Documentation [24 CFR 5.2007(d)]

                   Failure to Provide Documentation [24 CFR 5.2007(c)]

16-XI.D     CONFIDENTIALITY [24 CFR 5.2007(b)(4)]

Exhibit 16-1:  Sample Notice of Occupancy Rights Under the Violence Against Women Act, Form HUD-5380

Exhibit 16-2:  Certification of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking and Alternate Documentation,

                      Form HUD-5382

Exhibit 16-3:  Emergency Transfer Plan for Victims of Domestic violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking and

                      Alternate Documentation, Form HUD-5382

Exhibit 16-4:  Emergency Transfer Request for Certain Victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, or

                      Stalking, Form HUD-5383

Exhibit 16-5:  Model Owner Notification of Rights and Obligations



PART I:     General Requirements

17-I.A     Overview [24 CFR 983.5; FR Notice 1/18/17; Notice PIH 2017-21]

                  Additional Project-Based Units [FR Notice 1/18/17;  Notice PIH 2017-21]

                  Units Not Subject to the PBV Program Limitations [FR Notice 1/18/17; Notice PIH 2017-21]

17-I.B     Tenant-Based vs. Project-Based Voucher Assistance [24 CFR 983.2]

17-I.C     Relocation Requirements [24 CFR 983.7]

17-I.D     Equal Opportunity Requirements [24 CFR 983.8]

PART II:     PBV Owner Proposals

17-II.A     Overview

17-II.B     Owner Proposal Selection Procedures [24 CFR 983.51(b)]

                   Units Selected Non-Competitively [FR Notice 1/18/17; Notice PIH 2017-21]

                    Solicitation and Selection of PBV Proposals [24 CFR 983.51(c)]

                    PHA-Owned Units [24 CFR 983.51(e); 983.59, FR NOtice 1/18/17 and Notice PIH 2017-21]

                    PHA Notice of Owner Selection [24 CFR 983.51(d)]

17-II.C     Housing Type [24 CFR 983.52]

17-II.D     Prohibition of Assistance for Certain Units

                   Ineligible Housing Types [24 CFR 983.53]

                   Subsidized Housing [24 CFR 983.54]

17-II.E     Subsidy Layering Requirements [24 CFR 983.55, FR NOtice 11/24/08; FR Notice 7/9/10, and FR NOtice 6/25/14]

17-II.F     Cap on Number of PBV Units in Each Project

                   25 Percent per Project Cap [24 CFR 983.56, FR Notice 1/18/17, and Notice PIH 2017-21]

                   Exceptions to 25 Percent Per Project Cap [FR Notice 1/18/17, and Notice PIH 2017-21]

                   Projects not Subject to a Project Cap [FR Notice 1/18/17, and Notice PIH 2017-21]

                   Promoting Partially-Assisted Projects [24 CFR 983.56(c)]

17-II.G     Site Selection Standards

                   Compliance with PBV Goals, Civil Rights Requirements, and HQS Site Standards [24 CFR 983.57(b)]

                   Existing and Rehabilitated Housing Site and Neighborhood Standards 924 CFR 983.57(d)]

                   New Construction Site and Neighborhood Standards [24 CFR 983.57(e)]

17-II.H     Environmental Review [24 CFR 983.58]

PART III:     Dwelling Units

17-III.A     Overview

17-III.B     Housing Quality Standards [24 CFR 983.101]

                   Lead-Based Paint [24 CFR 983.101]

17-III.C     Housing Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

17-III.D     Inspecting Units

                   Pre-Selection Inspection v103(a)]

                   Pre-HAP Contract Inspections [24 CFR 983.103(b)]

                   Turnover Inspections [24 CFR 983.103(c); FR Notice 1/18/17, and Notice PIH 2017-20]

                   Annual/Biennial Inspections [24 CFR 983.103(d), FR NOtice 6/25/14]

                   Other Inspections [24 CFR 983.103(e)]

                   Inspecting PHA-Owned Units [24 CFR 983.103(f)]

PART VI:     Rehabilitated and Newly-Constructed Units

17-IV.A     Overview [24 CFR 983.151]

17-IV.B     Agreement to Enter into HAP Contract

                    Content of the Agreement [24 CFR 983.152(d)]

                    Execution of the Agreement [24 CFR 983.153]

17-IV.C     Conduct of Development Work

                   Labor Standards [24 CFR 983.154(b)]

                   Equal Opportunity [24 CFR 983.154(c)]

                   Owner Disclosure [24 CFR 983.154(d) and (e)]

17-IV.D     Completion of Housing

                    Evidence of Completion [24 CFR 983.155(b)]

                    PHA Acceptance of Completed Units [24 CFR 983.156]

PART V:     Housing Assistance Payments Contract (HAP)

17-V.A     Overview

17-V.B     HAP Contract Requirements

                    Contract Information [24 CFR 983.203]

                    Execution of the HAP Contract [24 CFR 983.204]

                    Term of HAP Contract [24 CFR 983.205,

                    Statutory Notice Requirements:  Contract Termination of Expiration [24 CFR 983.206; FR NOtice 1/18/17, and

                    Notice PIH 2017-21]

                    Remedies for HQS Violations [24 CFR 983.208(b)]

17-V.C     Amendments to the HAP Contract

                   Substitution of Contract Units [24 CFR 983.207(a)]

                   Addition of Contract Units [FR NOtice 1/18/17, and Notice PIH 2017-21]

17-V.D     HAP Contract Year, Anniversary, and Expiration Dates [24 CFR 983.207(b) and 983.302(e)]

17-V.E     Owner Responsibilities Under the HAP [24 CFR 983.210]

17-V.F     Additional HAP Requirements

                    Housing Quality and Design Requirements [24 CFR 983.101(e) and 983.208(a)]

                    Vacancy Payments [24 CFR 983.352(b)]

PART VI:     Selection of PBV Program Participants

17-VI.A     Overview

17-VI.B     Eligibility of PBV Assistance [24 CFR 983.251(a) and (b)]

                    In-Place Families [24 CFR 983.251(b)]

17-VI.C     Organization of Waiting List [24 CFR 983.251(c)]

17-VI.D     Selection From the Waiting List [24 CFR 983.251(c)]

                    Income Targeting [24 CFR 983.251(c)(6)]

                    Units with Accessibility Features [24 CFR 983.251(c)(7)]

                    Preferences [24 CFR 983251(d), FR NOtice 11/24/08]

17-VI.E     Offer of PBV Assistance

                    Refusal of Offer [24 CFR 983.251(e)(3)]

                    Disapproval by Landlord [24 CFR 983.251(e)(2)]

                    Acceptance of Offer [24 CFR 983.252]

17-VI.F     Owner Selection of Tenants

                    Leasing [24 CFR 983.253(a)]

                    Filling Vacancies [24 CFR 983.254(a)]

                    Reduction in HAP Contract Units Due to Vacancies [24 CFR 983.254(b)]

17-VI.G     Tenant Screening [24 CFR 983.255]

                     PHA Responsibility

                     Owner Responsibility

PART VII:     Occupancy

17-VII.A     Overview

17-VII.B     Lease [24 CFR 983.256]

                     Form of Lease [24 CFR 983.256(b)]

                     Lease Requirements [24 CFR 983.256(c)]

                     Tenancy Addendum [24 CFR 983.256(d)]

                     Initial Term and Lease Renewal [24 CFR 983.256(f)]

                     Changes in the Lease [24 CFR 983.256(e)]

                     Owner Termination of Tenancy [24 CFR 983.257]

                     Continuation of Housing-Assistance Payments [24 CFR 983.258]

                     Security Deposit [24 CFR 983.259]

17-VII.C     Moves

                    Overcrowded, Under-Occupied, and Accessible Units [24 CFR 983.260]

                    Family Right to Move [24 CFR 983.261]

                    Emergency Transfers Under VACA [Notice PIH 2017-08]

17-VII.D     Exceptions to the Occupancy Cap [24 CFR 983.262]

PART VIII:    Determining Rent to Owner

17-VIII.A     Overview

17-VIII.B     Rent Limits [24 CFR 983.301]

                     Certain Tax Credit Units [24 CFR 983.301(c)]

                     Reasonable Rent [24 CFR 983.301(e) and 983.302(c)(2)]

                     Use of FMRs, Exception Payment Standards, and Utility Allowances [24 CFR 983.301(f)]

                     Redetermination of Rent [24 CFR 983.302]

                     PHA-Owned Units [24 CFR 983.301(g)]

17-VIII.C     Reasonable Rent [24 CFR 983.303]

                     When Rent Reasonable Determinations Are Required

                     How to Determine Reasonable Rent

                     PHA-Owned Units

                     Owner Certification of Reasonable Rent

17-VIII.D     Effect of Other Subsidy and Rent Control

                     Other Subsidy [24 CFR 983.304]

                     Rent Control [24 CFR 983.305]

PART IX:    Payments to Owner

17-IX.A      Housing Assistance Payments [24 CFR 983.351]

17-IX.B      Vacancy Payments [24 CFR 983.352]

17-IX.C      Tenant Rent to Owner [24 CFR 983.353]

                     Tenant and PHA Responsibilities

                     Utility Reimbursements

17-IX.D     Other Fees and Charges [24 CFR 983.354]

                     Meals and Supportive Services

                     Other Charges by Owner

Exhibit 16-1:  PBV Development Information