Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RISE program?  RISE is a 5-year program that provides coaching, mentoring, resources, direction and support to a small number of highly motivated and committed families who have the deep desire to achieve autonomy, be self-sufficient and have little or no need for government benefits.


What are the requirements to participate in the RISE program?  A family must have a Section 8 housing choice voucher through Longmont Housing Authority and live in Longmont.  They must complete the Getting Ahead class with the intentions of enrolling in the CIRCLES program thereafter.


Are there other requirements? Yes, one must follow the RISE program guidelines, actively pursue a higher education and full-time, benefited employment * have regular communication & appointments with RISE Coaches and others in the support team * complete goals and commitments * attend monthly RISE meetings * participate in RISE “giving back to the community” events  *  repair and/or build credit  *  reduce debt *  abide by lease agreement * undertake personal development and self-awareness * have an attitude of gratitude and pay it forward  * and most importantly Celebrate successes!


How do I Enroll in the Program?  After completing the Getting Ahead class, fill out the RISE application and attend the RISE orientation.  If you are accepted into the program, you will sign an agreement and fill out an In-take, self-assessment and other required forms.


How does RISE direct people to achieve self-sufficiency?  

  • Provide Coaching & Mentoring: The RISE coaching process helps people to understand where they are right now and what they would like achieve in the future.  It focuses on change and transformation, which are built on self-awareness, integrity, grit and accountability.  It empowers people to reach their own success and their future stories.  RISE Coaches provide direction while working collaboratively with people; they help to examine the big picture, organize, plan and create a path to success.  They identify strengths, barriers and challenges, clarify goals and help to craft concrete strategies to achieving those goals. They facilitate community resources, hold a person accountable, keep progress on track, advocate, guide and mentor. 


  • Address the Cliff Effect: When a family has an increase in household earnings, they experiences abrupt reductions and/or terminations in government benefits, called the cliff effect.  RISE invests dollars to bridge the financial gaps created by the cliff effect and helps families get beyond them.  The cliff effect is most often the single greatest barrier to self-sufficiency. 


  • Provide Career and Educational and Other Resources and Opportunities:  RISE joins community partners to offer a wide range of resources and opportunities, such as money management classes, parenting classes and banking.  It helps in pursuing a meaningful career (not just a job) and higher education, such as a GED, Certificate program, Associates Degree or 4-year degree.  This leads to higher earning potential, stability and climbing the economic ladder.


  • Promoting Mastery of Essential Skills and Good Habits:  To be successful and living a better quality of life, one must have a positive mindset, a clear understanding of self and must master essential life skills and habits.  RISE Coaches direct a person to build those important skills, such as money management, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, communication, organization and other skills.


What is the Getting Ahead class?  A 12 week class designed to help families understand poverty, examine their lives and write their “future story”.  It builds community and teaches how to develop resources to reach self-sufficiency.  Dinner and child care are provided and participants receive a stipend for each class.


What is the Circles Program? An 18 month program that helps families take charge of their destinies to achieve economic stability.  Dedicated volunteers (“Allies”) offer support to provide access to community resources.  Circles empowers families to move out of poverty successfully.  Dinner and child care are provided.

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