Welcome to Longmont Housing Authority

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Our Mission: To provide housing and related services to low and moderate income families, elderly and disabled households and to relieve the community of substandard housing.


Our Vision: To be the leader in the provision of affordable housing in our service areas.


Our Objectives: The Authority pursues four objectives to fulfill our mission.

  • To create affordable housing opportunities for the community.

  • To protect and enhance the property and programs that we operate.

  • To develop our organizational infrastructure so that it can efficiently manage our operations.

  • To develop, enhance and strengthen our external relationships with key partners, other agencies, and the larger community.


Longmont Housing Authority administers approximately 450 Longmont Section 8 Vouchers and manages an affordable multi-family rental portfolio of 401 units in 8 properties. Longmont Housing Authority serves more than 800 participant and resident households in our programs and properties to provide permanently affordable housing. 

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