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Am I Eligible?

Eligible applicants must earn an annual gross household income equal to or less than the designated income limit for the properties listed below, and earn approximately two times the monthly rent amount or participate in a subsidy program (i.e. Section 8). Rent amounts vary by property. 

For more information about these income limits visit -

2024-Income Limits.PNG

Special Population Restrictions

Senior Housing Communities, Aspen Meadows Apartments, The Lodge and Hearthstone at Hover Crossing, Fall River Apartments, and Village Place Apartments, are restricted for households in which all members are 62 years of age or older. Spring Creek Apartments are open to households with at least one household member that is 55 years of age or older. 

Credit, Criminal, and Housing Record

Applicants must pass a criminal/credit/housing screening based on the following criteria:

Criminal - applicants may be denied residency if their criminal background includes any felonies, violent or drug-related misdemeanors or a pattern of criminal behavior within the last five years. Registered Sex Offenders are not eligible for residency. 

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