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Information for Landlords

Landlord/Owner Benefits

​Aside from the retention of good tenants perhaps otherwise unable to afford the unit, the program provides an owner or landlord with many advantages:

  1. Guaranteed rent, together with an opportunity to fill vacant units

  2. Flexibility - There are no requirements to continue a lease or HAP contract after it expires if the owner/manager is dissatisfied with the program. There are no requirements to lease additional units under the program after leasing one. Any type of rental housing qualifies provided it meets applicable program standards. If you lease to a voucher holder, your next tenant might be a non-voucher holder. You can come in an out of the program with each new tenant. 

  3. Contribution to the community by addressing a portion of lower-income housing needs through the utilization of existing housing stock.

In exchange for these benefits, the landlord is requested to:

Agree to an annual inspection by the LHA confirming housing quality standards. Notify the tenant in writing of a proposed eviction with a copy to LHA. Comply with standard nondiscrimination and affirmative marketing requirements. 

HUD Newsletter for Landlords 

Landlords can sign up to receive the HUD newsletters by using the following link:

You can visit the HUD website to get the latest newsletter and previous newsletters by using the following link:

Landlord Checklist

Inspections - The rental units must meet HUD's Housing Choice Voucher quality standards. In preparation of the Housing Choice Voucher inspection, the property owner must ensure that utility services are on and the unit should be "move-in" ready. (Tenant paid utilities can be transferred from the owner to the tenant at tenancy)

Rent Reasonableness - At the time of the Housing Choice Voucher inspection, the inspector will also evaluate the rent reasonableness of the unit. The proposed rent will be compared to rent for other comparable units on the market. Rental amounts will be approved prior to the inspection. If the requested rent cannot be approved, HCV staff will contact the property owner and tenant with a rental offer based on the inspection report and rental market information.

Disapproval of Tenancy - If the family chooses a unit with a gross rent greater than their approved payment standard and their share of the rent exceeds 40% of their monthly-adjusted income, LHA is not permitted to approve tenancy.

Approval of Tenancy - If the unit passes inspection and the rent is reasonable or negotiated rental offer is accepted, we will approve tenancy to begin the following day. The HAP contract will be prepared with the date of approved tenancy and an appointment will be scheduled with the landlord and tenant to execute the HAP contract and landlord's lease.

Security Deposit - The tenant is responsible for the payment of the security deposit to the landlord and cannot exceed one month's rent.

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