Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How can I apply for Section 8?

Answer: The Longmont Housing Authority regrets to inform you that due to funding restrictions, the waiting list to receive a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher is currently closed. To see a list of affordable and subsidized housing in Longmont, please check out our Rental Resource List.


Question 2: What are the eligibility guidelines for Section 8?

Answer: Applicants must meet citizenship or eligible immigration requirements, and household members 18 years of age or older must have a background free of recent violent or drug-related criminal activity. Household members may not owe money to another housing authority. A waiting list is maintained for the Housing Choice Voucher program. The waiting list is currently closed.


Question 3: I have a Section 8 voucher, and I’m moving to another city. Can I take my voucher with me?

Answer: Yes, that is possible. But you’ll need to contact both your current and your future public housing authority to work out the details.


Question 4: Where can I find someone who will let me use my voucher to rent a place to live?

Answer: Please check out our Rental Resource List. 


Question 5: I’d like to rent my home to a Section 8 tenant. How can I do that?

Answer: Please see our Landlord information page here, and contact us at (303) 651-8581.


Question 6: Where can I go for Emergency Housing? 



Our Center                                          220 Collyer Street                               Longmont                              303-772-5529

Atwood Emergency Shelter                811 Atwood Street                              Longmont                              303-651-2388

(Families Only)

HOPE for Longmont                            804 S. Lincoln Street                          Longmont                              303-210-7217

(Street outreach only)



Boulder Emergency Shelter               4869 N. Broadway                              Boulder                                  303-442-4646

(Adults Only – Opens at 5PM)

Emergency Family Assistance            900 Arapahoe                                    Boulder                                  303-442-3042

(Families Only)


In addition, area police departments may assist with night and weekend emergency housing requests for families with children. Longmont Police Department: 303-651-8501 or Boulder Police Department: 303-441-3300


Question 7: I would like to apply for one of Longmont Housing Authority's Properties, How do I do that?

Answer: Please click here to see what is currently available.