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Owner Responsibilities
- Performs tenant screening prior to selection and leasing.
- Complies with terms of the HAP contract and lease.
- Performs all usual management and landlord functions.
- Maintains the unit in accordance with HQS and makes required repairs in a prompt manner.
- Notifies LHA when the family vacates the unit.
- All owner responsibilities are further defined in the HAP contract and lease. ​

Family Responsibilities
- Supply all required information to the LHA and/or HUD as necessary for participation in the program.
- Search for housing.
- Pay their portion of the rent and adhere to all lease requirements.
- Permit biennial and other reasonable inspections of unit.
- Use the unit solely as the principle place of residence, agreeing not to assign or sublet.
- Promptly notify the Authority within 10 days of any family composition or income change.
- pay all applicable utility bills.
- Maintain the unit in the manner as requested by the owner.
- Notify the LHA and landlord prior to vacating the unit.
- Not be involved in any fraudulent activities.
- Comply with the voucher and terms of the lease.

Family Eligibility Requirements
- The family's household annual income must not exceed HUD's established income limit.
- The family must be a U.S. citizen or legal non-citizen.
- Persons evicted from Public Housing or any Voucher Program for drug related criminal activity are ineligible for at least three years.


Authority and Family Payments
- Payment Standards are established by the LHA and are based on the cost of housing and utilities in the LHA jurisdiction.
- The family's share of gross rent must not exceed forty percent of the family monthly income.
- The LHA's HAP payment will not exceed the amount of the Payment Standard minus the family total tenant payment.


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