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Partners in the Community

LHA continues its efforts to engage, develop, enhance and strengthen our external relationships with key partners, other agencies, and the larger community. Our most significant partnership is the one we have with the City Council and the City’s Housing Programs. For nearly everything we accomplish, the early funding comes for the City of Longmont and we greatly appreciate the level of commitment.

Board members for both LHA and LHDC along with staff  met with board members of several agencies that provide similar services to the community. Meetings were held with the Boards, or representatives of the boards of Longmont Christian Housing, Boulder County Housing Authority, St. Vrain Habitat for Humanity, Thistle Housing, Total Long-term Care, and LDDA.

In addition, authority staff participates in several local and regional committees or boards to broaden and strengthen our ties with the community and other agencies. They include Habitat for Humanity Family Selection, Longmont Mediation Program Advisory Committee, 2008 Chamber Leadership Class, Longmont Housing Opportunities Team, Federal Home Loan Bank Board’s Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, City of Longmont Code Enforcement Hording Committee, Longmont’s Multicultural Housing Committee, Personal Investment Enterprise Program, St.Vrain Community Council, and Colorado Executive Director’s Committee.

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